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Access to affordable healthcare is a right for Michiganders. As we have seen during this pandemic, we are only as safe and healthy as are the weakest among us. I support the currently implemented expanded Medicaid to cover medical benefits for low-income Michiganders and those who have lost coverage during the pandemic recession.

As we edge closer to offering options for a COVID vaccine to Americans, I will support an orchestrated roll out of the vaccine so all Michiganders have access to receive it.

The federal government has done little to control the price of prescription drugs. As a state legislator, it will be my ambition to make changes to control the prices of prescription drugs in Michigan and to eliminate price gouging.

As a labor and delivery nurse in the Army and a registered nurse for over 30 years, I believe in the role of healthcare providers to work with their patients to help them make educated and informed decisions. Healthcare decisions should remain between a patient and their healthcare professional. People should be free to make their own medical decisions and I do not believe in the overreach of government in personal healthcare choices.


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